In the past month and a half I’ve taken a rapid and deep dive into VueJs version 2. I didn’t really know anything about the framework when I started nor did I know anything about the surrounding ecosystem. Needless to say I still have a lot to figure out but it has been a pretty productive 45 days. In the coming days I will be writing about the following topics.

  1. Getting started with VueJs and Typescript
  2. Material Design using Veutify and Dependency Injection using Inversify
  3. Mocking your API with JsonServer, and Interfaces, Oh My!
  4. Generics and Inheiritance in Typescript making Vue easier to use
  5. Vuex (Modules) with Typescript and Inversify
  6. Vue Mixins and why I love them
  7. Jest Testing your Vue JS App
  8. Jest Testing your Vuetify Form Validation

There will almost certainly be some other topics but, to start with, that’s the stuff I had trouble finding concise documentation or resources for so I’m going to provide some. I realize Vue3 is coming (or maybe it’s already fully here); but I’m too deep into Vue 2 right now to pivot again. Hopefully, some of these (such as Vuex with Typescript) will be just as useful in Vue 3.

If there are topics you are curious about but you don’t see listed here, leave a comment, and if I know enough about it I’ll try to add it to the series.

Stay tuned, I hope to have these articles coming out quickly.

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