Today I came into the office to find my machine was waiting to apply a big Windows 10 update. So I applied it and when it was done I couldn’t start Apache. The Apache logs showed nothing and the System Log showed a pretty useless error

The Apache2.2 service terminated with the following service-specific error: 
Incorrect function.

I initially figured some service had been started that was blocking port 80 so I dug into the services and saw that World Wide Web Publishing Service was started automatically now (i set this to manual all the time). So I stopped it and set it to manual but Apache still wouldn’t start.

So I ran netstat -o -n -a findstr 0.0:80 and saw that something was running on port 80 with PID of 4. That seemed familiar. So I looked around for the Web Deployment Agent Service and lo-and-behold it too was running automatically again. So, I turned it off and set it to manual. Tried Apache again and bam; everything worked fine.