The title of this post really sucks but I couldn’t think of anything clever. Here is the situation I had though.

I am working on a pretty big angular 1.x application. Within the scope of that project I am using JSPM (0.16.25) and SystemJS (0.19.17) (to load all the javascript dependencies. I am also using JQuery and JQuery UI. I need to have JQuery and JQuery UI loaded before some other things but I wasn’t entirely sure how to do that.

When you use JSPM you get a file called config.js that has your system configuration in it. That config is used by SystemJs to do a bunch of stuff; one of which is to tell it what javascript packages to load and, helpfully enough, what order, if necessary, to load the in.

I am using angular-ui-sortable for some drag and drop functionality on lists. angular-ui-sortable reuqires that JqueryUi be loaded and JqueryUi requires Jquery to be loaded. Here is how I solved that particular problem.

  baseURL: "/",
  transpiler: "babel",
  babelOptions: {
    "optional": [
    "stage": 0
  paths: {
    "github:*": "jspm_packages/github/*",
    "npm:*": "jspm_packages/npm/*"
  buildCSS: true,
  meta: {
    'angular-ui-sortable': {
      deps: [
  map: {
    "jquery": "npm:jquery@2.2.0",
    "jqueryui": "github:components/jqueryui@1.11.4",
    "angular-ui-sortable": "npm:angular-ui-sortable@0.13.4",

The meta element was the key. Fortunately, I am able to use the mapped name for angular-ui-sortable in meta.

There is a lot more in my map but I cut the rest out for simplicity.