So far my move to Octopress has resulted in one thing - I blog less than ever. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or not. The main problem I’ve been having is that I setup the blog using my personal laptop at home. But, oftentimes, I want to blog while I’m at work about some little thing I found interesting while working. My home computer is a Mac and my work computer is a Windows PC. I was having some problems getting the whole Jekyll stack to work on my PC. However, yesterday I managed to get Octopress installed at work and I found some instructions for setting up Octopress so that I can blog from two machines.

The only potential problem, at the moment, is that my Gemfile.lock is different in the two places so I have to be careful to not let Octopress push my gemfile.lock changes to github.

For those interested here are the instructions for getting Octopress setup on two machines.