I’ve decided to move my development blog away from blogger and into octopress which uses GitHub pages to host. I am doing this for a couple reasons but none of them are super important. Mostly I just wanted to try out using Jekyll and it will give me an excuse to play with rake a bit.

I have plans to build a neat project I’ve been thinking about for a long time (ten years or so) and I think I’m going to build it in Ruby. I’ll be using github for my version control and moving my blog over is just a beginning step to getting used to a more git focused workflow.

I’ve turned on disqus comments - which I may or may not stick with.

Here is a tip for anyone moving from Blogger to Octopress - your blogger post titles that have double quotes in them won’t work properly. You’ll have to git rid of the double quotes before the rake generate command will work. Fortunately the rake generate throws an error on the first post it runs into with a bad title. Fix it, rake generate again, and then fix again until it rake generate works.