For a few months now I’ve noticed that the option to reboot into recovery has been missing from my cyanogenmod rom’d android phone. I’m running the latest nightlies and not being able to quickly reboot into recovery is the epitome of a first world problem. Be that as it may I still wanted the feature back so I finally spent a few minutes googling for the solution.

  1. enable developer options. These used to be in the normal settings screen for the phone but they are hidden now.

  2. go to about phone

  3. scroll to the bottom

  4. find the “build number” field

  5. click on it seven times and it will turn on developer options.
  6. go back one level to the main settings screen and you’ll see developer options now. Open that
  7. Enable advanced reboot options by clicking on the relevant checkbox
  8. go back to the main settings menu again and then click on “System” under the interface section
  9. Inside the system menu click on “Power Menu”
  10. Make sure “reboot menu” is checked.

That’s it. It’s relatively simple but because the settings are very hidden it can be next to impossible to find them. Please note that the reboot options won’t appear if your phone isn’t unlocked.