This is a pretty simple tip that might save some of you some time/trouble. I actually started doing this originally on firefox so I assume it is still relevant there.

In firefox I used to create bookmarks and associate a keyword with the bookmark. For instance if you wanted you could create a bookmark for and then add the keyword ‘\.’ without the quotes. Thus, when you typed \. in the address bar the bookmark would be loaded and you’d go to

Chrome bookmarks don’t support keywords - but custom search engines do. Thus when I moved to chrome a couple years ago all of my keyword shortcuts were moved into custom searches. For instance, for one of my projects to get to it’s specific issue tracking system I have a custom search defined as warpbugs. When I type warpbugs in the chrome address bar and hit enter the url I provided for the custom search engine (the actual web address of the issue instance for warp) is loaded. It works exactly like the keywords for bookmarks that I used in chrome.

Here is the slashdot example but as a custom search in chrome:

  1. right click in the address bar
  2. choose “edit search engines” from the popup menu
  3. scroll to the bottom of the “other search engines” pane
  4. In the “Add new search engine” box type “slashdot” without quotes
  5. in the keyword box enter “\.” without quotes
  6. in the url with %s in place of query string just put in
  7. hit the OK button.

Now go to your address bar, type \. and hit enter. Voila.



I took a look at my custom search engines. It looks like they might be integrated with google bookmarks.