This seems like it should be obvious but it turns out getting PEAR isn’t straight forward. The documentation at is inaccurate for a windows install where you use the installer at to install PHP on IIS7. It turns out there is no go-pear.bat file in your php directory after installing this way. However, after some trial and error and a bit of luck I figured out this seven steps to getting PEAR installed.

  1. Download go-pear.phar at
  2. put that file in your php home directory.
  3. open a command window as administrator; move to your php home directory
  4. enter “php go-pear.phar” without quotes
  5. accept the default value for everything it asks about; system wide, path options, updating your php.ini etc
  6. once the script is done pear is installed; you just have one last step
  7. in windows explorer go to your php home directory and double click on PEAR_ENV.reg to update your registry



The PEAR Manual is a nightmare. Totally unclear of how to install.
Thanks so much for these easy steps!


Thank you! I’m not too good with windows and these steps worked a charm