Yesterday I posted about my initial attempt at automatically converting .avi files with handbrake to m4v files and having them automatically added to iTunes. That plan worked fine if the items dropped into my watched folder were all of the type .avi AND they weren’t in a subdirectory.

Tonight I decided to try and address these two deficincies. First I can now handle the case where a folder is the “input” parameter; though my knowledge of applescript is so deficient I can only deal with one layer of directory heirarchy - sorry, no recursion. I also now test for the extension of the file being processed to make sure it is an .avi before proceeding (otherwise I just skip the file).

Yesterday I also made the script look a little more generic by hiding some of the elements of my directory structure by using words like “me” - today I decided to just post it as I wrote it. You will have to change some variable values to make this work on your system.

on run {input, parameters}

 repeat with x in input

  -- need to determine if input is a file or a directory..

  set details to (info for x without size)

  set allFiles to {}

  if kind of details is "folder" then

   -- if it is a folder, we need to grab all the contents as a list

   set tempFiles to list folder (x) without invisibles

   repeat with y in tempFiles

    set the end of allFiles to ((x as string) & y) as alias

   end repeat


   -- if it is a file then we make a one item list..

   set the end of allFiles to x as alias

  end if

  -- now loop over the list we just made.

  repeat with i in allFiles

   -- only process avi files.

   if name extension of (info for i) is "avi" then


     set text item delimiters to ":"

     set file_name to last text item of (i as text)

     set text item delimiters to ""

    on error

     set text item delimiters to ""

    end try

    set origFilepath to quoted form of POSIX path of (i as alias)

    set newFileName to "" & (characters 1 thru -5 of file_name as string) & ".m4v"

    set newFilepath to "/Users/bill/temp_movies/mp4/" & newFileName & ""

    --apple uses colons as delimiters while the  Untitled=drive; Users=directory; me=username; mp4=temp directory..

    set finalPath to ("Untitled:Users:bill:temp_movies:mp4:" & newFileName)

    --start the conversion; shell command uses the forward slash as the delimiter; hence two finalpath defined.

    set shellCommand to "nice /Applications/HandBrakeCLI -i " & origFilepath & " -o " & newFilepath & " --preset=\"AppleTV 2\";"

    do shell script shellCommand

    --I've told itunes to copy files on import; this way I don't have m4v's laying all over the place

    tell application "iTunes"

     add finalPath

    end tell

    --after the import is done I delete the m4v file I just created (from the temp directory)

    tell application "Finder"

     delete finalPath

    end tell

    -- prepare the movie for later deletion..

    set trashPath to "Untitled:Users:bill:temp_movies:to_trash:"

    tell application "Finder"

     move i to folder trashPath

    end tell

   end if

  end repeat

 end repeat

 return input

end run



Dear Mr. Rawlinson!

How would a script look like, that converts all *.mov from my “movies/mov” folder to “automatically add to itunes” -Folder with originalname.m4v

and then delete the mov-file.

Thanks for any assistens.

Karl Oberreiter