If you use EditPlus, and you’re like me, you also have a bunch of tools defined and configured for use within the editor. Tools are super useful but they are also a bit of a pain in the ass to configure. Fortunately, thanks to my co-worker Mike today, I was able to find the file that holds all of the tools settings so now I can back it up and move port it to different computers whenever I set them up in the future.

I’m on Windows XP so your path maybe different. For me all tool configuration information is in the file c:\documents and settings\{username}\Application Data\EditPlus 3\tool_u.ini

I’m pretty stoked to have finally found this as I know I’ve wasted a bunch of time in the past duplicating the effort of setting up my tools. Thanks Mike.



Thanks very much for this post, just what I needed to migrate 7 years of FTP settings, hotkeys, etc to Editplus on a new machine. Thanks!