A while ago I read a pretty valid argument for providing additional information with your delicious bookmarks. The article was written by Jon Udell - a technology evangelist for Microsoft - and he provided a nice bookmarklet to make it easy to do just what he was advocating.

Today I heard about the buzz api buttons and so my initial thought was to modify Jon’s delicious bookmarklet to work with Buzz and thus that’s what I have here.

Basically, just drag this [Buzz This](javascript:(function(){var%20notes=window.getSelection ? window.getSelection().toString() : (document.selection?document.selection.createRange().text : ‘’); notes=encodeURIComponent(notes); f=’http://www.google.com/buzz/post?url=’ +encodeURIComponent(window.location.href) +’&message=’+notes+’&v=5&’; a=function() {if(!window.open(f, ‘buzzer’,’location=yes,links=no,scrollbars=no, toolbar=no,width=725,height=550’)) location.href=f}; if(/Firefox/.test(navigator.userAgent)) {setTimeout(a,0)}else{a()}})()) link to your bookmarks bar and you’ll have a great bookmarklet for buzzing with. If you select any content on the page your buzz will be pre-populated with the content of your selection.


If for some reason the bookmarklet you drag up doesn’t work you can copy the code here and edit your bookmarklet:

javascript:(function(){var%20notes=window.getSelection ? window.getSelection().toString() : (document.selection?document.selection.createRange().text : ''); notes=encodeURIComponent(notes); f='http://www.google.com/buzz/post?url=' +encodeURIComponent(window.location.href) +'&message;='+notes+'&v;=5&'; a=function() {if(!window.open(f, 'buzzer','location=yes,links=no,scrollbars=no, toolbar=no,width=725,height=550')) location.href=f}; if(/Firefox/.test(navigator.userAgent)) {setTimeout(a,0)}else{a()}})()



Thanks, I’ll have to use this. I usually use the ‘Note in Reader’ bookmarklet, which puts it in Google Reader, and then gets sucked into Buzz, but now I have the option to go straight to Buzz if needed.