I have been an active user of Grand Central for the past couple of years (not super active, but active) and I’ve loved it. Last Tuesday Google said they were going to let Grand Central users upgrade to Google Voice. Later they said they were gradually rolling it out and when your account was ready you’d see a message on your accounts inbox letting you know.

Instead I’ve been faced with this message since last Tuesday afternoon:

Your account is not yet ready to be upgraded. Please check back shortly.

Well, dammit, it’s almost been a week; exactly how do you define “shortly?” I know, I’m just whining; sorry, but every once in a while I need to vent and I’ve chosen this forum for it this time around.

I want my Google Voice so, come on Google, give it to me!



Wow.. that’s incredible. I just thought skins went out to everyone; though in the Settings area skins are called “themes”

If it helps at all I don’t use any of the skins they offer. I actually prefer plain ol’ Gmail

Dan G. Switzer, II

I’m still waiting for Gmail to roll out skins to my account. Google’s idea of “rolling out soon” I don’t think coincedes with most people’s idea of “soon.”