I’m trying hard to find calendars pertaining to my hometown that are actually syndicated as ICS feeds. It just isn’t happening very well. I have 3 so far and I am responsible for them. I realize I live in a small town that isn’t all that high-tech but, man, it’s frustrating.

Everyone seems to have an event calendar but almost none of them has one that is currently producing a ICS feed; instead they are just html tables, pdf files, or word documents. None of those, obviously, are very conducive to being consumed.

I want to provide an outreach to these people to get them up and running with a more standardized way of publishing even information but, truth be told, I’m not entirely sure how to do sell the idea.

I think, what I need, is a way to identify an easy method for these people to create their event data in the first place, and then provide them with a simple way have that information automatically appear on their website. Google Calendar does it ok but, honestly, their widgets don’t necessarily fit into every website very well; though, perhaps the agenda view would work nicely.

Does anyone know if the Microsoft office online option has an agenda view type widget as well?