So, if you’ve been paying attention to my activity lately you’ll know I spent a bunch of time getting CruiseControl to work and to successfully build a ColdFusion project. You might also know that not every project I do is in CF. Some are in .Net, some in Java, some (maybe soon) are in Ruby. What I really need is a single solution that I can use to do CI in all of those environments; plus I don’t want to have to learn how to configure a different CI tool for each project.

Enter CruiseControl.rb. CruiseControl.rb is a ruby implementation of the CruiseControl service that will build pretty much any project whose build file can be called from the command line. I suppose it is possible that the other CruiseControl implementations can do that as well but I haven’t seen any documentation on it. Thus I’m strongly considering redoing all my recent work but by using CruiseControl.rb.

This will leave me needing to learn 2 major things. First off how to get CruiseControl.rb setup in the first place and secondly how to craft a rake file. Rake is a ruby build file (sort of like make in the C world). Each project will get its own rake file which will, subsequently, make command line calls to the projects specific build tool (so Ant or Maven for my CF and Java projects, Nant or MSBuild for .Net) etc etc. As I did with the standard CruiseControl I’ll try to document my efforts here so the process is painless for those who follow.

Stay Tuned!



Ant - I talk about it some in the following posts:

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That second one details my ANT build file a bit. I have a whole collection of articles discussing my stuff with ANT


Did you decide to go with Maven or Ant for CF? How is this working out for you?