Sometimes it is useful to be able to fairly quickly fire off a directory of unit tests using MxUnit. EditPlus and the UserTool functionality come in handy once again:

  1. Create a new user tool; I called mine MxUnitTest a Directory

  2. Command: c:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe

  3. Argument: http://localhost/mxunit/runner/HtmlRunner.cfc?method=run&test;=$(FileDir)&output;=html&componentPath;=$(Prompt)

The $(Prompt) argument is there to ask you what the component path is. For example I just ran this one against lb2.unittests.model.bean - it wants the component path to the directory so make sure you don’t include the final portion that would point to a specific component.

The ($FileDir) argument basically grabs the full path to whatever directory your currently active file is in.