Looking at Google Analytics today I see that Chrome has accounted for 7.8% of my sites hits in the past month - that’s not to bad for just a couple of days in the wild.

Interestingly the version i have,, is not the latest version to hit my site (though it is the latest according to Chromes auto update. My site has been visited 2 times by version - I wonder when this newer version will see wider spread (or if this is just to reflect the new EULA)? If it is an actual new version then I wonder what changes are already heading out.



Keep in mind that this is a website for developers… we (or at least most of us) tend to use better browsers like Firefox, and are more willing to try new browsers like Chrome. The fact that IE was only at 43% when it should actually be a vast majority shows the difference between developers and the average user.

But I for one hope the combination of Firefox and Chrome eventually makes IE obsolete – a long shot unfortunately.


Good question.

From July 31-Aug 31 the top browsers were:
Firefox: 51.34%
IE: 43.59%
Safari: 2.72%

From Aug 1 to Today the top browsers are:
Firefox: 47.79%
IE: 39.96%
Chrome: 6.63%

I realize those numbers don’t mesh with my earlier post but that is because I don’t remember what start date I had in the filter when I looked earlier.

From Sep1 to Today:
Firefox - 37.52
Chrome - 27.77
IE - 27.42
Safari - 5.58

So it looks like both IE and Firefox have suffered a little from Chrome’s arrival.

IE: 27.42%


What went down to allow for that increase? Firefox?