Yesterday I was browsing around when I came across the nifty app launching utility called Executor. Executor is sort of like “Launchy” but has a few differences. First off it doesn’t support plugins like Launchy. It also doesn’t have as much of a fan base. However, I like it better. It has a bunch of nice features and does everything I want it to do.

There are a bunch of “secret” commands and options in it as well. You might be wondering why I like it better than Launchy? Sadly, that isn’t easy to answer. Executor just behaves the way I want. It seems to offer me more default options and is pretty darn customizable. It supports hotkeys (which I pretty much love having) for quick application launching. It is more keyword based than Launchy and overall just seems a bit more powerful in it’s base configuration.

I don’t really need GCal or Twitter or any other web based social media integration with my app launcher - I just want an easy to use and powerful command line tool and Executor fits the bill nicely.