A while ago I debuted my first Yahoo Pipe; last.fm @ Amazon that basically took your listening list and did a lookup on amazon. The idea being that anyone who could consume an rss feed could then monetize their listening habits.

The cool thing about Yahoo pipes are that you can mashup a bunch of different services into one nifty data source. That trick, I have discovered, is that not all of the data sources you use necessarily remain the same. A case in point is the Amazon Web Service which, at some point between now and Feb 07 has changed to requiring a new token to identify the developer who is making the service call and a different sort by enumeration.

Needless to say my pipe had broken. Fear not however as I managed to get it back up and working in almost no time. I did learn a valuable lesson in doing so though - don’t accidentally delete your pipe! Fortunately, a bunch of people had cloned my old broken pipe so I was able to “re-clone” it so to speak and get it going again without much trouble.

Finally, if you don’t really care how the pipe works but would like to use it you can use the following URL as the feed URL you want to display in your blog (or feed reader) http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/7d20665c0dc0240fd18516ec360efe21/run?_render=rss

You can append the following to the URL if you want to provide your own last.fm username and/or amazon associate ID;


Just replace YOURUSERNAME with your last.fm username and YOURASSOCIATEID with your amazon associate id. Just note if you publish this feed anywhere and you don’t provide an associateTag value it will use mine by default; granted, I wouldn’t mind that - but I figured i should tell you.