When you are using your blackberry you may come across a situation where you want to type a phone number that consists of letters.

For example. Google offers a free information service at 1 800 GOOG 411 (those are oh’s and not zeros).

With the blackberry keyboard layout it is hard to remember what keys to press to dial GOOG - this cool trick will help you get past that.

When dialing the number you can type 1800 just like normal, but then, when you want to type GOOG hold the alt key down and press the letter you want to dial. The blackberry will then send the correct tone for that letter (G = 4, O = 6) when the call is actually placed.

You’re blackberry screen will show the number being dialed as 1800GOOG411

Hope this helps some of you at some point!



This worked excellently! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Ohmigoodness you have saved me so much time and headaches.


thanks brah! spared a lifetime of bb madness with your help!

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thank YOU!!! woopeee!


The trick with the pearl is to type quickly; if the alt key is held down too long between keystrokes the previously entered numbers will convert to letters.


Anonymous is no a good listener or is unable to process what he reads effectively. Geez


I also have a pearl. If I hold the ALT key and quickly double click on a key, the second letter is entered. Afterward, I either hold the ALT key and press a key once to enter the first letter or not hold the ALT key to enter a number. This is pretty simple to me.


the only problem with that last bit of advice is it will change any numbers you have already entered into letters; which won’t work when trying to dial 1800 numbers like the GOOG 411 number I mentioned.. You end up with:

“Rn Goo” as opposed to “1800GOOG411”


If you hold the ALT and press the button twice (think entering a password) it will select the second letter, then you can “type” normally.


Thanks a million!!


I LOVE YOU! I’ve been running into this problem more and more - and i’m a complete blackberry n00b. so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.


kartik - it does the same thing on my pearl so I end up having to delete one character each time I type. However, at least the feature exists and can be used in a pinch.

Kartik Agaram

Nice! It’s totally f***ed up on my pearl, though. My keyboard has 2 letters per key and I have no way to pick the second. And I keep finding it convert a single key press into double letters.