After way, way, way too much time I figured out that Flock wasn’t the cause of my high CPU usage spikes of DPC’s it was from other people copying things off of my external hard drive. So, with a positive outlook and hopes for good things I have installed Flock 2.0b which is based off of Firefox 3 (which goes live today as well).

Sadly, right off the bat I hit a snag. As soon as I installed Flock, and tried to launch it, it crashed. I think this may have been because I already had Firefox 3 RC 3 running but I’m not sure. I am currently running it in safe mode (flock.exe -safe-mode from the command line) and it seems to be working fine.

In fact I’ve added a few new accounts to different sites to have in my “people” bar and am blogging this from the built in Flock blog editor. I’ve noticed some sluggishness while typing (text not showing up right away) but beyond that and a bunch of false positives in the spell checking (seems and this?) which I think is just a screen drawing issue (also reflecting the sluggishness) it seems pretty good.

As I use the editor I am actually finding a couple of other small problems. The first is that you can’t pick which blog your publishing too until you hit publish. From a usability standpoint I think this is a problem as I wasn’t sure what would happen when I clicked on publish. Now that I know I hit cancel to amend this post and the editor tells me the blog post was saved (when it wasn’t). This false positive notification is probably just a beta bug that will be fixed by the time it is finalized.


Evan Hamilton

Hey Bill,

There is one crash that we are aware of that you may be experiencing. Drop me a line and we’ll try to figure it out.

Evan Hamilton
Flock Community Ambassador

evan at flock dot com


Well I’m still having problems getting Flock 2.0 to like me. I disabled all of the addons I had (2) and it still crashes nearly instantly if I start it in non Safe mode.

Basically, it starts with the flock start page but then when I try to go to a different website it crashes.

It doesn’t matter what URL I try to go to either. .Kaput - I don’t think flock 2.0 is ready for me.