I use Google Adsense on this site and a few others I own. One is a site dedicated to helping rescue Dachshunds. I don’t really make much money on the various sites but I decided today to compare the month of may and what I saw kind of surprised me.
Domain| Page Impressions| Earnings
doxie.org| 2,157| $21.75
cf-bill.blogspot.com| 8,494| $4.47
rawlinson. us| 3,751| $2.60

I’m not really sure if I’m supposed to be showing this kind of stuff publicly but I figured, what the heck. This site is typically visited by developers and, clearly, we don’t click on many ads. The rawlinson.us site is actually visited mostly by people setting up blogs due to a plugin I have there.

The doxie.org site is targeted toward dog lovers. I have to imagine, more than likely, it is actually visited by people who are looking to buy dachshunds (which, they can’t do via the doxie.org organization). In fact I typically blacklist places that sell doxie’s if I see one of their ads because we are trying to help dogs that need a new home get there and we are opposed to puppy mills and backyard breeders. However, if my site, that doesn’t come up early in Google still manages to make this much money per day (about $1) off of the ads that make it up there I can’t imagine how many of these little dogs are actually sold and thus how much money is actually made in the business of dog breeding. It’s kind of stunning really.



That’s fantastic. There are so many dogs out there that are perfectly loving but just don’t have a home.

Thanks for opening your doors to a doxie!


We just put in our application at the Southern States rescue (http://www.ssdr.org/) here in Nolensville!

We had a couple of Dachshunds growing up so as soon as we got into a house were we could have a dog that was the first thing we did.