I do most of my work lately via a remote desktop that is accessed via Citrix client over the web. My system has a dual screen setup where my laptop screen is a higher resolution than my secondary LCD. The Citrix client, does a nice job of spanning both screens. However, any application within the Citrix client, when maximized, also spans across both screens. This is far less than ideal considering I don’t really want a gap in the middle of the application I’m trying to use. It also makes it hard to quickly resize the various apps I have running for efficiency.

Enter “Sizer” a free little application that integrates nicely with the windows shell. It basically adds a right click context menu to any window that lets you resize and reposition a window to your specifications. I configured it to have a “left” and a “right” setting. If I pick “left” on a window it jumps to the maximum size for my laptop monitor and repositions to Top=0, left=0. If I pick right it resizes to the max size of my external monitor and repositions to Top=0, Left=width of laptop monitor+1.

It’s really fantastic and has already proven to be an invaluable and irreplaceable resource for me while working remotely.



I fixed the link - sorry about that. I wash pointing to the .com domain and not the correct .net domain.


The link doesn’t seem to work and even the domain looks inactive.