Overall I’m very happy with my Ubuntu experiment. I have been able to do just about everything I need to for work without having to touch my windows machine. However there have been some small idiosyncracies that have annoyed me. Some I have found work arounds for while others seem to be unavoidable.

  • Backspace Button in Firefox - By default in Firefox 3 Beta 5 in Ubuntu the backspace button does nothing! However, a quick visit to about:config and a simple setting change and now my backspace button does what it should - move me back in my session history!

  • Citrix Client Intermittenly Drops “Shift” key - this is just something I have to deal with. I am pretty much constantly on the citrix client to our biggest current customer and the broken shift key is really, really annoying. Nobody else seems to have this problem. My shift key is fine in all other applications so I have to assume it has something to do with citrix.

  • No MediaMonkey - MediaMonkey is, in my opinion, the best application I have ever used for managing large (and I mean really, really large) music collections. I have converted endless albums and cd’s into MP3’s and none of the linux apps work as well as I would like. Amarok is OK but it is a far cry from MediaMonkey. My biggest gripe is how slow they all are in letting me browse and search through my collection. I typically listen by genre and none of the linux apps I have tried can display 2000+ songs at a time very quickly. I also miss the amazon lookup feature of MediaMonkey which makes it very, very easy for me to finish tags and download album art.

  • No Quick Menu - This was something I had in my geoshell. Basically, via the right mouse click on the desktop I could launch all of the apps I use regularly. It may be possible to do this in Ubuntu but I don’t know how. Any ideas?

  • Limited HotKeys - I also had a lot of hotkeys in geoshell to launch apps even faster. However, as far as I can tell I can only configure 12 hotkeys via the clunky hotkey editor in compiz fusion. Am I missing something?

  • Gnome-Do - I love the idea of this app but it started doing some weird CPU consumption stuff and I couldn’t figure out how to make it startup when Ubuntu did. Any ideas? I was thinking the CPU consumption might have had to do with the amarok plugin but I haven’t tested this theory yet.

  • FireFox 3 Beta 5. I wish they didn’t ship with the beta by default. While I like the beta a bunch of sites that work in FF2 don’t work correctly in FF3 B5 (ESPN Fantasy Baseball for instance). Also, a lot of plugins don’t work such as my most used FireBug. Is there a way to force some of these plugins to work?

  • Volume Controls - When I mute the main volume Amarok should not continue to make noise but it does. It continues to play in a weird single channelesque muffled sound. When I’m at work I need MUTE to work as expected. WTF is up with this?



Gnome-Do is fairly irreplacable for me; I need to have a quick way to launch things.

I removed the amarok plugin and it did seem to make life better.


Hey, I’m the author of GNOME Do. I’m happy to see that you enjoy it. The Amarok plugin is very badly broken. Please do not use it.