Yesterday I noticed a voice mail message on my work phone from Dell. It was telling me that my replacement machine had been shipped. About 2 hours later I saw a box with my replacement being delivered. Speedy (definitely under the 12-14 day window I was told to expect).

The new machine has a larger harddrive in it (300+ GB compared to 250) but I don’t really get to take advantage of that since the old harddrive has stuff on it I want to keep. I suppose I could install both in the new machine and then copy over the files.. But I’m not sure it is worth it. This computer is for my 7 year old daughter and I’m not sure she needs anything close to 250 GB of storage.

The “new” machine isn’t really new though. It is refurbished. I guess I’m not surprised but I am a tad bit disappointed. I can’t really complain since this machine does work I just figured I would get a new one since the old one is only fairly new and it was still under warranty. Refurb is the way things go now-a-days I guess.

I need to ship the old computer back to Dell now (within 10 days) so I need to get it loaded back up in the box and back to the office so DHL can pick it up. I wish I could keep the RAM that was in the old one (and the other harddrive) since all that stuff still works!


Dell Customer Advocate

I’m glad to hear you have already received the replacement computer and that it is working correctly. If you run into any problems or questions with the replacement, or the return of the original, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help.

When Dell sends out a replacement, whether just a part or an entire system, we do a like-for-like replacement. If a particular part is not available at the time, for whatever reason, then we would upgrade to the next available part. An example of this is the hard drive on the replacement system (and no, it does not matter which of the two drives gets returned, as long as one of them is returned when you send back the original computer).

Because we do like-for-like replacements any system exchange is going to be set up to send the customer the same model of computer originally ordered. If the order is new enough, or of we do not have the model in question available, it is possible the replacement will be a new system. Normally, however, the replacement is a refurbished system that meets or exceeds the specifications of the original order.

Please keep in mind that not all refurbished systems are used (some are returned unopened) but they have to be marked as refurbished reguardless because Dell has to check the contents. By law any part shipped to a customer that is not in the original packaging must be marked refurbished, whether or not it has been previously used. In the case of an exchange, the replacement takes on the warranty of the system it is replacing. The warranty coverage is exactly the same whether the system is new or not.

Dell Customer Advocate