Hey, some I’m a little (ok a LOT) slow. But I accidentally discovered the keyboard shortcut of “CTRL+SHIFT+S” inside Firefox with the web developer toolbar installed.

Quick, before you look - what do you think it does? If you guessed view the current pages style sheets in a new tab then you’re a winner! Sorry, no prizes though.

I have probably used that feature of the toolbar hundreds of times in the past

  • but I never really noticed the keyboard shortcut.

I love looking at the CSS for any page that looks really good. I almost always learn something (even if it is that I am not as good at CSS as I’d like to be) and, now, thanks to a fat fingered “Copy” I am able to see the pages style faster than ever before.



I didn’t know that one either. Though, honestly, I rarely want to open a recently closed tab. I’ve probably needed to do so 2 or 3 times since Firefox gave me the ability.

This isn’t becuase I am good about closing tabs only after due diliberation - but rather becuase I never close any tabs so I end up with tons of tabs open at once.

I’m more likely to close the browser by accident than a specific tab :O)

Thanks for sharing though.


You know the shortcut CTRL-SHIFT-T for firefox? A real life saver, it reopens the last closed tab :)

“Use it wisely young jedi”

Cheers, Sidney