So, for some crazy reason my blog was flagged by Blogger as a “spam blog”. I am not sure if that is because people were flagging it maliciously or what but after about a week of waiting (from the time I asked blogger to review) I received an email today telling me my blog is, in fact, NOT a spam blog. Hooray!

You may be wondering how I knew my blog was identified by blogger as a spam blog. Well, prior to today for about the past six months-year I have had to fill out a captcha just to post to my own blog. I had thought this captcha was just a side-effect to me demanding captcha’s on all comments people leave on the blog because it seemed to appear pretty closely to when I turned on that feature. However, there was a little text link beside the captcha that said “why am I seeing this” which I have always ignored. Curiosity piqued the other day though and I clicked it and found out I was considered a spam blog. Fortunately it was an easy, albeit slow, process for getting my blog’s name cleared.


Rob McKeown

The exact same thing happened to me on my blog. And just last week, I noticed that little link. I am pretty sure it wasn’t there ‘til recently, but I am so glad that I no longer need to deal with that.