Well, I tried Flock again. I gave it a full week of dedicated usage and while I see a lot of potential it still isn’t ready for me as my primary browser. Perhaps once Firefox 3 comes out and then Flock is based on it Flock will be able to live on my system - but until then it just can’t hang. Why? Well, mostly because it slows my system down and that is unacceptable.

I have to retract this entire statement. I was wrong and, Flock, I’m sorry I disparaged you so! Please forgive me.**

I have a lot of different accounts around the web; flicker, youtube, facebook, twitter, another youtube, gmailx4 and I think it is this abundance of accounts that is causing the problems. Basically, if I leave Flock running for a while my system processes become consumed by DPCs (Deferred Procedure Calls). Once it begins my computer becomes nearly unresponsive as the DPC’s use a consistent 50% or more of the CPU.

I realize I don’t need all those social accounts -heck I don’t really use most of them - but I want to try to find the value in them. I still don’t reall grok twitter (it seems like a waste of time) or facebook (which seems like a jumbled mess of information) but I figured I should give ‘em a go.

So, for the time being I’m back to Firefox. The only social site I really want/need is Google Reader and there is a handy plugin for that - plus Gmail and I use the Gmail manager plugin for that. In fact, I think I’m going to go download the latest public Beta and give it a whirl. If the reports are true I might be willing to put up with it’s bugs for it’s performance enhancements.