Maybe I’m just too stupid to figure this stuff out on my own - or maybe the total lack of documentation is just too big of a hurdle for me but I can’t seem to get any of the available eclipse FIT plugins working quite the way I need to.

FitRunner was the first one I tried - and it worked but it ended up causing heap problems and eventually couldn’t be run anymore. So I removed it.

FitPro looked very promising but never seemed to actually run the simple test I created.

Agilifier is being used by a colleague in Hong Kong but our timezones are so off - and the documentation for it is truly nill, so I’d like to find a different solution.

AntFit hates me. It refuses to execute saying that the class fit/WikiRunner can’t be found. I have fit.jar in my classpath, I have the antfit task defined as necessary - and I’ve even set the attribute useWiki=”false” (as well as fork=”true”) but all to no avail. If anyone has gotten AntFit to work with useWiki=”false” I could really use some pointers.

AntFit is the one I really want to get working simply so we can include it in our automated builds; but so far no luck. Hopefully someone out there has used this task and can help me out.