I have created three separate Yahoo pipes (2 of them use the third). So I have decided to put this post up here to help people find all of my pipes. I will try to remember to edit it as I devise new pipes. It would really be nice (and sensible) if yahoo had an RSS feed of a users pipes - that would make a lot more sense and it would fit into the whole “Pipes” idea.

Anyway, here they are:

Netflix To Amazon

Takes your netflix feed for movies at home and converts them to a more useful feed replacing each item with the most relevant result found at Amazon. The description now includes the image, price, etc. You can get your userid from netflix by looking at your personalized feeds at netflix - the id is the only url argument.

Amazon Webservice Search

Lets you search across any index in the amazon web service and returns the first relevant result.

Last.fm at Amazon

Convert any last.fm user’s last ten played song list into a list of revenue generating links to amazon.com

NOTE Yahoo has discontinued the pipes service so this page is no longer useful