A few months ago I updated Tortoise SVN which, subsequently, broke


Subclipse (the Ecplise SVN plugin) due to a change in the way SVN in general worked with the Tortoise update. No biggie I figured I could just use Tortoise SVN alone until SubeclipseSubclipse was updated. Lo and behold I found out today (thanks to someone else’s blog) that


Subclipse had an update available.

It fixed the problem. Hooray!

If you are using SubeclipseSubclipse but don’t have the update site in Eclipse you can get it here. They have information on updating regardless of what version of Eclipse you are using.



Thanks for the correction mark. I will update my post to reflect it.

Mark Phippard

I do not know if you looked for the update before and did not find it, but if you did it might have been because the project is named Subclipse, not Subeclipse.