I have held off posting this until today because I didn’t want to infuse the post with venom. It probably won’t work.

Last week I went to BW3 (Buffalo, Wings, and Weck aka Buffalo Wild Wings) a chain of greasy food restaurants that specializes in Buffalo Chicken Wings. They have over 10 different spices and flavors of wings; however they are all really, really greasy and my stomach doesn’t tolerate them very well so when I go I always order their “Jerk Chicken Sandwich” a kind of spicy sandwich done in a Caribbean style. BW3 is always kind of slow and one of us always has a problem with our order but this last trip was kind of special in the ranks of “bad trips”. Their website is http://www.bw3.com - I won’t link to them because their website throws annoying audio at you.

There were six of us, I was fourth in line. The two few guys ordered salads with chicken breast chunks on them while the third ordered a plate of wings. I ordered the Jerk Chicken Sandwich as always. The next two guys ordered something, I don’t remember what. We sat down to wait for our food and slowly but surely each guys food came out - except mine. All five guys were eating and we were all chatting having a good time while I waited on my sandwich. 10 minutes passed and no Sandwich. 15 passed so I went up to the cashier and asked her to check on it - make sure the order didn’t get lost in the lunch hour rush. I heard her talking to the guy in the kitchen and clearly heard her say, “You burnt it?” then they went back to talking. A few seconds later she came out and told me it was just about to be finished they just had to take it off the grill,the bun was already prepped. I said cool and sat back down. Another five minutes passed and by now everyone else was done. I didn’t want to wait anymore so I went back to the cashier and told her I wanted to cancel my order and she said I had to wait for the manager. Fine, no problem I said, and I stood to the side and waited a couple minutes, the kitchen manager came out looking tired and in no mood to deal with me and then my experience with BW3 went from bad to worse.

He looked at me, and said, “It’s your fault, you shouldn’t have ordered chicken.” I said, “What? My Fault? This is a chicken restaurant isn’t it? You do cook chicken here don’t you?” I went from impatient to angry in about 2 seconds. The Jerk Chicken Sandwich consists of a standard, non breaded, chicken breast. The same kind that was chopped up all over the other 2 guys’ salads. What problem could there have been making my sandwich? I asked the manager this and he said “well we don’t keep these things pre-cooked, when you order them they are frozen and we have to cook them from there.” “It takes over 20 minutes?” I asked. I said I had been there about 30 minutes and didn’t think it should take so long, I mean all five guys I came with had ordered, had their food prepared, and they had eaten it. He told me I was wrong I hadn’t been there 30 minutes then walked away from me (I still didn’t have a refund). I said “what? Now I’m hungry and a Liar?” He didn’t reply. Instead he went into the kitchen and came back out 10-20 seconds later and told me my order ticket said 12:10 (it was then 12:35) - So I said, “Ok, 25 minutes, big deal, I want my money back.” So, he got another manager to get my refund for me and he went back to the kitchen without saying anything else to me.

The second manager processed my refund, handed me my receipt, and told me to keep a hold of it in case the charge showed up. That was it. No apology for my wasted lunch break or for the bad service. Just here’s your receipt keep a hold of it in case we messed up again.

I already didn’t care much for BW3’s food - but now I can guarantee that I will never go to any BW3 anywhere again. All they have managed to do is push me (and my family) away as customers. My co-workers, when I am with them, won’t go back to BW3 again (and who knows, maybe they won’t go even if I’m not there). We go out to eat everyday. It’s crazy to think BW3, in Huntington WV can afford to just throw customers away. This isn’t NYC where people can throw away customers forever and never run out of new customers. This is a small town and I will be, and have been, telling everyone I know about the horrid customer service at BW3.

Finally, even though they don’t deserve it, here is a tip for BW3. Don’t blame your customers when you can’t cook a simple chicken breast. Don’t call them liars, and finally, apologize when you screw up.