I had to write a little ruby script the other day - it was really trivial - to parse a tab delimited file.

I haven’t had much opportunity to use Ruby before (though I have played with it a little bit) so I was happy for an excuse to try it out. I won’t post the code (it’s kind of clunky) but even so I can say, Ruby is fast at parsing these kinds of files.

My file was about 2800 rows and 14 columns and almost as soon as I hit enter on “ruby myrubyscript.rb” at the command prompt it was done parsing the file and writing the new file (which created a bunch of SQL insert statements for an upgrade script).

It was far faster than I expected; blindingly fast. It was refreshing to say the least. I use CF (not necessarily the right tool for the job all the time) to accomplish small tasks like this a lot (because CF is so easy) but Ruby was just as easy and it was definitely faster to complete this type of task.

One problem I had initially was that Ruby can’t generate Guid’s natively (or if it can I couldn’t find a reference about it). However, Brad Wilson posted a solution that worked great. It’s pretty cool how easy it was to integrate the win32 api calls into Ruby.



well “Anonymous” thanks for the less than helpful comment.


Anyone who develops in Cold Fusion deserves a good kick in the balls.


I can see how you would feel that way. However, I personally don’t have that much of an attachment to any one language primarily because I have to switch so often at work.

For example I am currently working on a C# project, a VB.net project, a CF project, and I’m using Ruby to make some tasks easier.


Ok, this will sound stupid, but I have to ask. Do you ever feel like a traitor when working with ruby?

I think its important to always expand your skills so I have been learning ruby and rails. I like ruby because it offers me a new scripting lanugage, as well as a free web language. It also acts as another backend for my flex work.

But everytime I start to build something with it I feel guilty, like i am betraying my CF roots. It sounds so silly but I thought I would see if you also felt some of that. I know cf is not the right tool for every job, but i still feel weird. :)