There are a ton of blogs about software development out there. Some are just repositories of trivial tips (much like this blog) but some are great and should be read by a wide audience. One blog I put in this category is Raganwald - a blog by a pretty insightful guy in Vancouver (I think). I’ve been reading his blog for about a year now and he consistently produces thought provoking entries. If you are a software developer (it doesn’t matter what tools you use) you should at least take a look at his blog - you will probably find a few entries that get you thinking in new ways.

If you don’t, because everything he says to you is old hat, and you have a blog, let me know about it so I can learn from both of you.


6th project

Thanks a lot mate… but this looks like the beginning to an end….

flash developer london


Thanks, I hope it holds up to it’s first impression

Reginald Braithwaite

Thanks, I’m very flattered. My first glance at “In the Trenches” makes me want to sit down and read the entire blog, post by post. Nice!

p.s. I’m actually in Toronto at the moment.