It’s funny how when one person is looking for an answer to a problem it seems a bunch of other people are looking for the same thing, at the same time. As it turns out this is exactly what happened to me today.

I was working on creating a MG app that has some “AJAXy” goodness in it. I want to leave the MG debug stuff on while I’m working (sometimes) but never want it to output in an “XML” view (that which is returned to the AJAX request). I figured it had to be possible and sure enough some other people were just asking Ray Camden a couple days ago.

Thankfully, Jan Jannek, posted a comment reply with the answer:

<cfset request.modelGlueSuppressDebugging = true />

Just stick that code in your XML view and debug output won’t be shown. Ray also posted a blog entry that covers this. I’m just recovering the topic in case anyone missed this then.