This is actually something I got from an old blog post by Brian Purcell but I figured I should have it handy in case his blog ever disappears and I need to reference it again.

Basically it is just a programatic method for refreshing WSDL Stubs in CF that I stick at the top of every test file I have that access a remote method call on a CFC..

<cfset serviceURL = "" />

<cfobject type="JAVA"
class="coldfusion.server.ServiceFactory" />

<cfset RpcService = factory.XmlRpcService>

<cfset RpcService.refreshWebService(serviceURL)>

returnvariable="someVariableName" />


Jeff Coughlin

This just made my life so much easier! Thanks so much (well, thenks to Brian, but I wouldn’t have seen it if you didn’t repost :) ).