I am about to begin a new project where I will be building a Flash Front End to a wordpress blog.

I have only made one, very poor, flash movie before (back in 1998) and I don’t really remember any of the process. My interface between wordpress and flash, I think, will be written in PHP. I will try to post some do’s and do nots as I go through the process.

Wish me luck!



Hi, i’ve made a little Flash / Wordpress integration is someone is still interrested, you can see it here:
<http://www.pixellovin.com/actionscriptstuff/wordpress-flash-integration- try-1>

Thx !


An integration of a Wordpress “back-end” with a Flash “front-end”
By aggregating RSS feeds, a Flash-based interface generated out of snippets of posts and web pages into a booklet / brochure like format
This combines the straight-forward approach of browsing a physical brochure or booklet, while fully enjoying and comprehending the visuals and concepts of the site.
The changes to the Wordpress installation are incredibly minimal, amounting only to an upgrade to a single installation file, and an uploading of a Flash (.SWF) file, along with its HTML holder.

Simply putting it - your Wordpress or any other website that provides RSS feeds, can be shaped like the following front-end.


I’m about to try the same thing, I thought I’d let you know about Lee Brimlow’s mysql-php-flash tutorial at gotoandlearn.com, it’s pretty simple and informative. I don’t think I will try full inegration with the api, etc. tough. I like using my new ipod to make posts.


Thank you Ray!

I have been looking all over for this . I am trying to build a front end flash site for my wife and be able to dynamically post messages to her blog that will show up in the flash!


something like that has been achieved: http://xmlrpcflash.mattism.com/wordpress/


Site with Flash interface using Wordpress:


Gets its data from here: http://www.liliangarcia.com/wordpress


Greg thanks for the info - and the link - that site is very nicely done (tvwonline.net that is).

greg h

The nicest Flash blog ui I have seen yet is here:

If you last used Flash in 1998 it doesn’t matter if you “don’t really remember any of the process.” Flash has evolved so dramatically you will be doing everything very differently anyway.

btw … Flex may provide a better development process for you than Flash. Either way you get a swf and the mechanics of most of the data components are the same.

For PHP/Flash/Flex integration you might find some good background material here:





Sajid has done some cool stuff. You should check it out

Jamie Fehr

Umm… I don’t know that flash and blogs are really good frineds. I say that for two reasons, 1. Flash takes a lot longer to load than plain HTML and 2. It breaks google indexing. So unless you can work around those two things I wouldn’t make a blog that is entirely flash, but that is just my two cents

todd anderson

i have thought about this off and on for a little while… excited to see what you come out with.

my main thinking was being able to turn it off and on in the presentation tab of the wpadmin console, since it really is just a presentation layer.

good luck! … let me know if i can be of any help…



I have looked into doing this as well. The simple answer is to just use Wordpress as you normally would, but instead using an alternative directory that renders the content and interface directly from the RSS feeds through flash - and the html version is never seen.


Good luck!

And lots of patience as well!


that sounds cool, something i’ve always wanted to do.

Just to give you a jumpstart, you can find some info about using XML-RPC for hooking into wordpress’s API here: http://codex.wordpress.org/XML-RPC_Support , and there’s a link on that page where someone had wrote some php scripts to help with that: http://www.dentedreality.com.au/bloggerapi/