Just a few posts ago I was raving about how great Firebug is. Sadly, I have had to disable the extension already. Firefox, at times, can be slow on its own but it is still my preferred browser (though Opera 9 is very nice). However, with firebug activated my tendency to leave Gmail running in an open tab at all times just brings Firefox to a near standstill and, quite frankly, as much as I like firebug I like Gmail even more (I just love that conversation view).

So, for the time being I’m off the firebug bandwagon.




Thanks for the hack Paul!

Paul Chaplin

Hi Bill. I came across this entry when searching for anyone experiencing the same problem with FireBug and Gmail, but sadly, your post was as close as I came to finding a solution… So I gave in and hacked one together myself - full do-it-yourself instructions are included, for the rightfully-wary of my hacked XPI.

Hopefully, Joe Hewitt will include a customisable domain filtering mechnanism in a future version (it’s already a feature request), but until then, this might help.



Gmail is better than what? It is my preferred email system. But if you comparing it to firebug - it’s apples to oranges. Firebug is a debugging plugin for firefox; it is great for evaluating javascript problems in webpages.


I think gmail is better. Have switched to it since it came into the market.


I Love Firebug! Especially lately because I have been doing a ton of AJAX development and it is so handy to see the passing of the calls and returns. But I can see that gmail might be a problem.