This is my final post, I hope, on the topic of Firebug and Gmail compatibility. A recent reader of my blog has posted a xpi hack that will get Firebug to not interact with Gmail at all so you can keep a Gmail tab open and keep Firebug active.

If you decide to edit the xpi yourself I have summarized the code change here:

FireBug.isWindowInspectable = function(win)
var isOK = false;

if(win.location.href != "about:blank" &&
win.location.href.indexOf('') == -1){
isOK = true;

return isOK;


This change goes in the following file:

\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\\extensions\firebug@software\chrome\firebug.jar\content\firebug\firebug.js After you make the change just restart your browser to have it take effect. Before making any changes though I encourage you to [read his blog post]( It provides much more complete and step -by- step instructions or an alternative already edited XPI file you can install. Thanks Paul ## Comments Bill thank you for digging in and finding the hack. I should have done the same but the thought never even occured to me. I'm getting lazy I guess :O) Paul Chaplin Ah, update: just after bumping that thread, I saw Joe's [recent blog post about FireBug]( \- someone had already posted a comment requesting domain filtering, so I echoed it. Here's hoping! Paul Chaplin Glad I could help, and thanks for posting about it. :) I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that Joe will add a GUI blacklist (and possibly whitelist) option soon, since someone else [requested it]( a while back on his forum (and I just bumped it). If that doesn't happen, I'll see about doing it myself, to make the current solution more generalised - it can't be just us and just Gmail experiencing problems. Cheers Bill.