On occasion I see a new FireFox plugin of note. Today, however, I saw one that is so remarkably handy that I felt I should not just note it personally, but share it with others. It isn’t necessarily new in the extension community - but it is new to me. FireBug is a pretty slick extension that makes debugging Javascript, CSS, and DOM issues much easier.

It does some of the same stuff as the web-developer toolbar, and has some of the same features as the venkman script debugger, and the html source validator plugin, and the http headers plugin all rolled into one very slick, clean, and generally easy to use package.

I doubt I will get rid of the web developer toolbar - but I can easily see losing the Venkman debugger, the http header plugin, and the html source validator plugin. While there are some small usability issues with the FireBug extension it’s sheer utility is just too much not to keep.

It is the most useful extension I now have installed.


Steve Ray

I’ve been using FireBug for about six months now. It’s a fantastic tool if you’re working with AJAX. Of course, it’s also helpful for the DOM, Javascript and CSS. Glad you came across it. It’s by far the extension that I use the most.