I know this has nothing to do with CF or development in general - but I wanted to share a funny song.

My friend, Ryan Parker, is a pretty good singer/songwriter who is also a huge Bengals fan. He has been a fan of the Bengals for pretty much his entire life and has followed them through all the crappy years upto this point where he has a moment of glory. However, he is distrubed that he is forced to share the moment with so many fair-weather fans who suddenly love his team. In honor of the wannabe’s he recorded a new song - Bengal Bandwagon. It’s a great track and well worth a listen even if you aren’t a Bengals fan because you can laugh at the bad years the Bengals had as well as appreciate what they have accomplished recently.



I doubt if you will see that I replied to your comment. However, if you do..

I don’t have any picks or prognostications to share from earlier in the season. In fact I put very few non-tech posts on this blog.

However, next year I will (if I remember too) I will put them up on my more personal blog (rawlinson.us/blog) so that my guesses will be as open to review as yours were this year.

The Assimilated Negro

responded to your comment.

do you have a “prognosticator” that didn’t have both hits and misses in their predictions at week 2 in the season? no one has a job for actually predicting the future.