Ok, so the title of this one stretches the theme of depth in my exploration of Model Glue but it does highlight an important feature of Model Glue - the Singleton.

A few days ago I talked about caching my security object kind of like this:

<cfif NOT ExistsInCache("security")>

<cfreturn GetFromCache("security") />

Well, today as I was digging into the Model-Glue website I came across a post that mentioned a method named “createSingleton()” which, oddly enough, doesn’t exist anywhere in Model Glue. Fear Not though Joe has this covered in much the same way I often create Singletons when not using Model Glue.

Within your controller you can call getModelGlue.getSingleton(param1,param2) and it handles the creation if necessary - otherwise it returns the previously crafted Singleton.

param1 is the type of object you want to create. So, in my case I am almost always creating a “component” singleton. Basically param1 is the same thing you pass into createobject in CF as the first parameter.

Likewise param2 is the “component” to be created, again just like with createobject (hint GetSingleton calls, you guessed it, CreateObject if your singleton doesn’t exist).

So now my method getSecurity looks like this

<cfreturn getModelGlue().getSingleton("component","lb2.util.Security")