Yesterday Dave Ross and Sean Corfield both stopped by this blog and clarified a couple points in my last post. So I wanted to put those comments here so that anyone following along wouldn’t miss them.

Dave said that by turning off CF debugging (particularly measuring of execution time) that MG would be faster. He was right. However, without the debugging trace on I can’t give you a clear measurement of the difference. Using just MG debugging each execution that was taking 1.5 seconds with CF debugging was taking 700ms without it. I imagine it is even faster without the MG debugging.

Sean answered my question on the best practice for forwarding in MG by saying that whenever possible I should use the XML result notation instead of the event.forward method. That is what I suspected but it is nice to have confirmation.

He also mentioned the fact that you can do event chaining without forwarding at all. While I figured you could (using the Broadcast xml directive in ModelGlue.xml) I hadn’t/haven’t tested that yet. I just want to make sure anyone else reading this is aware of the capability as well.

Next up, adding a db backend to my lame Todo application.