I am testing out a new piece of software today called “Flock”. It is firefox with a bunch of built in features that are very smootly integrated. Some of the features are very cool.

First off it doesn’t do favorites the way you are used to. Instead it has a seamless integration with del.icio.us - so whenever you post a favorite it just goes there - and isn’t stored locally at all. I kind of like this and kind of don’t. In the past I have been pretty sparing with what I store in del.icio.us. I have primarilly been selective because I make all of my del.icio.us bookmarks public so I only give the inherent endorsement of the link when I really think it is worthwhile. On the otherhand I have bookmarked things locally that I just plan on reading again a bit later. Perhaps I will just use a tag to differentiate the two.

Flock also has a pretty smooth process of integrating RSS/ATOM feeds. I haven’t really used it yet but overall it looks promising.

I am currently using another handy feature, which I may come to find irreplacable, and that is the built in blog editor. I already registered both of my blogs with it and can post to either at will. Plus, for this blog, I can have the blog editor auto-ping MXNA - something I couldn’t do with blogger before. Pretty handy.

I am not sure Flock will replace Firefox quite yet (it already hung on me once and had to be killed) but it does look like a compelling improvement on FireFox based on my current web usage.

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Ian Sheridan

I was wondering what the URL was since it was not in your post hehe :P