I was just reading my most recent edition of Software Development Times (SDTimes) and came across an interesting graphic. I only post this because it immediately reminded me of Jared Rypka- Hauer’s rant against PHP.

It seems that PHP, Perl, and Python have experienced a pretty severe drop in usage in Eurpoe, the Middle East, and Africa over the past year. Each with over a 20% decline in usage (statistics provided by Evans Data Corp)!

The key quote from the article seems to be:

John Andrews, COO Evans Data”One of the key factors for this loss of developer mindshare has been the inability of these languages to penetrate the enterprise space”

I wonder what their survey result said about non-open scripting languages such as Coldfusion?


  • Even though CF is tag based I still consider it the equivilant of a scripting language

  • Additional Data is avaiable via Evans Data Corp on what appears as a for-sale only basis so I have no insight into the CF usage patterns



Pete - like Treach’, I think a lot are switching to RoR. That or Java/.NET, which IMO are more “stable” than PHP positions.

Pete Freitag

I think the more interesting question is what are PHP, Python, and Perl users switching to?

Treacherous Dog

I have stopped using PHP as well. I think people are seeing there are better ways to do things out there. PHP is the quick and easy fix. It is a remarkable tool for developing web applications but I have since moved on to my new infactuation ruby on rails which may be the most productive web framework and most interesting language I have developed in to date.