Yesterday on the CFCDEV list I saw an off topic post about a new website setup to help the vicitims of Katrina. It is at and it’s purpose is to match volunteer families with victims.

Basically, anyone who has room to spare in a house, apartment, cottage, whatever - any kind of residence option - that a victim (or family) can use while they try to get back on their feet following the aftermath of Katrina can advertise the availability of said space on the website. Then, rescue organizations such as the Red Cross can use that database to help vicitims get in touch with the volunteers.

The website address again: OR

I tried just this morning but it didn’t work and returned an apache welcome screen.

I don’t have the space to share currently, but if you do please consider volunteering to be a host family for the victims.

I had the unusual opportunity to meet with the Governer of West Virginia today (a wierd story) and was able to point him and his staff to the site as he (Gov Manchin) had just spoken about the very idea of getting people to open their homes to the victims. He immediately set his people on the task of getting more information about the website and getting the word out.