Based on a link over at “injun’s blog” (as seen on mxna) I decided to download CCcleaner and give it a whirl. When all was said and done it found about 770MB of temp files it could safely delete from my system. Plus it found a bunch of no longer valid registry settings. To top it off it found all of this and cleaned up the mess in under five minutes.

I have tried using the windows disk cleaner utility before but, let’s be honest, it sucks. It brings my whole system to a halt and takes forever to get anything done; and that’s just during the analyisis phase - you can forget about using your computer when it is actually cleaning. CCcleaner doesn’t have that problem. I continued to work while CCcleaner did it’s job. I highly recommend (for windows users only).

You can download it at


injun #576871

I’ve found about 2.3 GB of temp files… and cleaning it in less than 1 min. :)