Well, I am already out of the tournament. First out in fact. I basically lost all of my money to “Codetroll” in two hands (I lasted 13 minutes total).

I was actually in second place overall going into those two hands with just over 2100 chips. In the first hand I had big slick and caught an ace on the river. There were no table pairs or connectors, nor flush opportunities. However, there was a ten on the board and codetroll had pocket tens. That took me down to right around 1200.

Two hands later I caught a club flush on the river. I had queen high. Codetroll flopped a 3 and 6 of clubs for a straight flush. Unbelievable. Needless to say I was all in with my great flush as there was no way anyone had a full house or a four of a kind.

Ahh well, such is the game that is poker. Now, at this point, I hope codetroll wins. Damn him!

UPDATE: It turns out codetroll did win. It took about 3.6 hours but that means I came in last and second :O) (sorta!)