I have declared the process of getting Windows, Apache 2.x, Ruby, and Rails to all work together WARR. It is my small addition to the lexicon of computer acronyms. Not only does it cover all four technologies it accurately describes the process.

However, fear not! If you are planning on looking into WARR I will be posting some nice detailed step by step instructions on how to get it all working (along with PHP and mySQL to boot!) I should have the instructions up by the end of this week.

I probably wont have any screen captures though - simply because doing so with this blog software seems next to impossible.



yes I did get it working (sorry my reply is slow, I was out of town).

You can see my tutorial on the process at http://rawlinson.us/blog/warr- installation/


Ever get it working? I am having the exact same WARR of my own.