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Well I’ve been using winamp with the ipod plugin all day and I have to say I like it and, more than likely, it is now my default audio player again. I’m not going to say alot more than I did before but here are some reasons why I like it more:

  1. Ratings Sync - it actually works in both directions. Very sweet
  2. Pull Music off my iPod - always handy
  3. MUCH SMALLER MEMORY FOOTPRINT As you can see I think alot of #3.

In fact those numbers show winamp playing songs directly from my shuffle and iTunes doing nothing but sitting there. It isn’t connected to the store, my ipod, or anything. Just an idle iTunes takes up 3x as much memory as active winamp with a song playing, playlist open, and the eq open and active. Whats up with that?

So, if you haven’t done it yet and you use an iPod on windows you should consider winamp with the ml_pod plugin.



good question - and I doubt it. Though, with the release of apples network stuff (bonjour for windows recently I’m sure he could add it.

It just isn’t a feature I ever used in iTunes so I didn’t even notice it missing.


Sounds good but no sharing?