Someone else blogged about this last week - but I feel I have to mention it just incase you missed it. Over at Massimo’s Corner is a fantastic bit of javascript.

It deals with the ever present issue of form validation. However, this library is really, really, well thought out, written, and - most importantly - documented.

Even if you already have your own homebrewed form validation library written you really should check out massimo’s. Its elegantly written, unobtrusive, and highly extensible.

I will be trying it out on my next project.



The lib syntax looks very clean, like the jValidate. Greatly appreciate your work. Thanks.


I am looking for a js validation library and the TMT library looks very good, but the then I noticed the licensing: “No redistribution”!

I’m doing some work for a non-profit and need to distribute our app so this is a killer. Too bad.

Also, many apps these days uses Struts, Spring and other frameworks which take over the form tag. This prevents simply adding form tag attributes as is required by TMT. He should document how to work around this.


Thanks for the library, it saved me days of work.


I’m not entirely sure what your asking for; but if you aren’t requiring hidden fields (that were previously visible and required) you can just use Javascript to ‘unrequire’ them.

I honestly don’t use this library (though I think it is a very good one). I have my own, much lighter, validation script that I use. It isn’t necessarilly as flexible or as well documented as Massimo’s though.


how do u do conditional validation based on whether or not the object is hidden?

massimo foti

Well, I wrote the documentation hoping it would reduce the amount of support calls :-)

BTW I just posted a minor update. Fixed an elusive bug, improved file upload patterns and the “demoronizer” filter


You earned all of the praise. I am probably more impressed with the level of documentation than I am with the validation library (and the library is pretty slick).

thanks again for sharing it with everyone.

Massimo Foti

Thanks for the nice words Bill :-)